Drowning Dogs is a collection of hand written interviews conducted with artists, designers and makers. If you’re a creative soul and you’d like to take part please do contact us.

Why Drowning Dogs?

The name was inspired by a Francisco Goya (c.1819-23) painting. The dog is one of Goya’s so called ‘Black Paintings’ worked directly onto the walls of his house just outside Madrid in the years after the artist had suffered the illness that left him completely deaf.

“The Dog” is the starkest, sparsest, most timeless of these nightmarish visions; it shows the head of a dog struggling between the great volume of empty space above and it’s equivalent below, each a kind of depthless oblivion. It is a proverbial image – the dog trying to keep it’s head above water, not so much swimming as sinking.

The image of this drowning dog is a lovely allegory for the struggling artist trying to keep their metaphorical heads above water as they pursue their practice, and thus Drowning Dogs was born.

The idea for these hand written interviews was actually born sometime ago and the first few interviews archived here were featured on a now defunct website. I rescued these interviews and hope to add many more to the archive in months to come.

Drowning Dogs is based in Cardiff, Wales.

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